Why use a DStv Accredited Installer?

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Why use a DStv Accredited Installer?

Optimal TV is proud of our DStv accreditation. DStv inspect our DStv installations regularly and also requires frequent training. In addition DStv installers are tested by Multichoice to assure their certification and DStv approval. Besides being DStv accredited installers, we offer a range of related services. Great service at a great price.

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DStv installers

DStv installations Pretoria and Centurion, DStv accreditation

Firstly the quality of DStv installers and the quality of the products they used, determine the quality of the DStv installation. Consequently to ensure a wonderful customer experience and also a quality installation. Make the correct choice of DStv accredited installer, this is very important. Get what you deserve, a quality service. Contact us today. Optimal TV renders quality services since 1999.

DStv Accreditation

Dstv accreditation gives customer assurance. Only reputable companies qualify for approval from Multichoice and also DStv. The accreditation is not only applicable to the DStv installer, to assure quality DStv installations. But also on the company to assure that the customer deals with a reputable company. This initiative protects DStv subscribers against fly by nights and other misfortunes. DStv therefore guarantees not only a great service experience but also a backing from a reputable company. Optimal TV Dstv accredited installers Pretoria and DStv installers Centurion.


First of all, DStv installers supplies services that are guaranteed. Optimal TV not only guarantees a quality DStv installation but Multichoice also. Therefore DStv accreditation gives another type of accountability factor to the installer. Furthermore by using Optimal TV you are assured of not only a quality service, but also a guaranteed one.


Great price and labour rate, DStv installer

Some people chose installers based on price. While this is an important factor. It should not be the determining factor. In addition to pricing, the quality of the service must be more important. As with most things in life you get what you pay for. Even though the labour rate could be more for an DStv accredited installer. It does not mean that the DStv installers is more expensive.

Due to the extensive training and investment, for an installer to become DStv accredited. The skill of a DStv installer is far more superior to a non accredited installer,  with a lower labour rate. Due to this qualification therefore the DStv installers works faster and more efficient. This consequently leads to less time spent on a DStv installation, and in turn saves on labour spent.

DStv accreditation is the only real way to determine if you are dealing with a reputable company. Some guys wake up one morning and decide. “Today I am a DStv installer” and therefore start advertising services at cheaper rates. Therefore they do not have the needed experience or training to render an effective service. In addition to this, an installer should have a proper field strength meter. This meter aids the installer to identify and rectify signal errors. Furthermore it is essential to align the dish. Most of the non DStv accredited installers does not have this essential equipment.

Even if you require a related service. DStv accredited installers will still be the best choice for a service provider. Optimal TV not only renders DStv related services but many others also. Have a look at our services page to get an idea of our service offering.


In conclusion, there is a saying “penny wise and pound foolish”.

DStv accredited installer, DStv installer, great price and low labour rate

Firstly do not look at price alone when selecting a service provider. DStv accreditation is a key deciding factor. The qualification and experience of  DStv installers is far more important than price. Save money in the long run by assuring that the DStv installation is done by,  a qualified DStv accredited installer in the first place.

Secondly the company you deal with should be reputable. When dealing with a DStv accredited company. With DStv accredited installers. You can be assured of quality services and a long standing relationship. Optimal TV did receive a long service award for our service before.

With DStv accreditation, Optimal TV supplies approved services in the greater Pretoria and Centurion area. In addition we also supply services including OVHD installations and repairs, installation and repairs for Multi unit dwellings and many more. Call us today to make a booking. We also supply product through our online shop for your convenience.

Hope to see you soon. DStv installation Centurion and DStv installation Pretoria East.




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