3 Common DStv Satellite Dish Problems

DStv Satellite Dish Problems | Optimal TV

If you’ve been battling to get reception, it may be time to get your DStv satellite checked. There are a few things that can go wrong with your dish. If you live in an area that often has wind, rain, and other bad weather, you may find that your dish needs repairs more frequently than it would in an area with no major weather changes.

You may find that your dish is not faulty but simply being obstructed. To help you determine whether repairs are needed, we’ve put together a list of the most common DStv satellite dish problems.

Look Out for These DStv Satellite Dish Problems

Some of the most common problems you may face with your DStv satellite dish include the following:

1/ The dish is no longer aligned.

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause dishes to go out of alignment over a period of time. The dish is comprised of a number of parts. As they get older, these parts may loosen. When the weather is bad, small shifts can put the dish out of alignment. This results in reception errors.

You may notice a less-than-clear image on your television or you may battle to get any picture at all. If you notice any changes in your picture, speak to your installer.

2/ The cables are worn or faulty.

Another common issue is worn-out cables. If your dish is an older model, it may start to wear over time. Newer cables have heavy installation, but even these will need to be replaced eventually. When cables start to wear, connections may not be as reliable.

You may lose signal and notice interruptions that come and go. If your connection starts to be erratic, have your installer or repair specialist check the cables to see if it’s time to replace them.

3/ Something is in the way.

Finally, obstructions can also cause problems with reception. If there is something in the way of your dish, it will affect your reception and signal.

A new building could block the path to your aerial or a bird may be perching on top of the dish. A tree may have grown over the years and gotten in the way of the dish or aerial.

Check frequently to make sure that nothing is getting in the way.


If you are having any problems with your DStv satellite dish, call Optimal TV for expert help.

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