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DStv XtraView is a great way to save on your DStv subscription.

What is Extra View?

DSTV XtraView is a simple way, of proximity control. It allows for up to three DSTV decoders to stay relatively close together. Which allows Multichoice to see them, as being used in the same household. Thereby allowing a reduced DSTV subscription. This saving makes a dstv xtraview setup great for big households. To have sage an installation you need DStv xtraview 3 decoders

Optimal TV can supply and install, the perfect DSTV Xtraview system for you.

xtraview setup

Why XtraView and not Dual View?

  • Dual View requires complex software that proved to be expensive and very time-consuming, when trying to add even the simplest new functionality.
  • Making the HD PVR Dual View capable would have added Great costs to the DSTV Explora.
  • People with one TV are not forced to pay for functionality they cannot / don’t want to use.
  • You can add DSTV viewing environments as and when you need them.
  • With separated DSTV decoders, high-quality video and audio is possible in more than one room.
  • With DSTV XtraView you can also have full interactivity at the 2nd and 3rd viewing point.

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How does DSTV Extra View work?

  • DSTV extra view Decoders are linked together by way of a “heartbeat”. The heartbeat is sent from the primary DSTV decoder to, the second and third DSTV decoder every 30 seconds.
  • The DSTV Decoders will only communicate with each other, therefore other decoders cannot be introduced to your Xtra view setup.
  • If the Extra View decoders  loses the heartbeat for more than 3 minutes, it will stop showing video and audio until the heartbeat is restored.
  • The heartbeat is sent from a RF port via the normal RF cable and received on a RF port.
  • For this reason, DSTV Extra View decoders need special RF tuners and not all decoders can be used in a Extra View network.
  • The RF cable carrying the “heartbeat” can also be used to carry video and audio as well as relayed remote commands.
  • The best way to setup Xtra View is by using DSTV Explora decoders.


Finally are you receiving a “waiting for communication from primary decoder” on your Xtraview Installation? have a look at our article on this subject for some tips.

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