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DSTV Installer - DSTV Installation

Optimal TV can supply and install a DSTV Single HD system for you. Let us send you a DSTV installer today. With Multichoice accreditation and a lot of experience, we can render a quality and reliable service. Call us now for your DSTV installation.

DSTV Installation Voucher Include The Following

a DSTV  installation voucher is an incentive program by Multichoice, to encourage new subscribers to join their service.

To see more about their channel offering, have a look at their WEBSIT.

DSTV Fully installed


DSTV supplies you with the newest DSTV Single HD Decoder with installation. The decoder has a single HD output consequently ensuring the best quality picture. For those of us that does not have an HD TV set yet the decoder also supplies digital signal via RCA output.

With an external power supply the DSTV single HD decoder is not only feature packed but compact also.

The DSTV Single View HD decoder do not allow recording. If you do need recording functionality you should look at the DSTV Exploradecoder. 


a DSTV installation includes a satellite dish and receiver. The DSTV dish includes a wall mount bracket to attach the dish to a building. It also includes a dish face to reflect signal to the receiver. Also included is the single LNB receiver. 


DSTV Installer - Installation

Optimal TV has well equipped and well trained installation teams. With the latest installation equipment our technicians can assure you of a high quality DSTV installation. Our DSTV installers is ready for your call today.

The DSTV Fully installed Voucher includes

  1. 15m Cable
  2. 30minLabour
  3. 80cm Dish Kit
  4. Standard Bracket
  5. Single LNB
  6. Single HD Decoder
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DSTV Installation Terms

  • First of all Decoder activation has to be done by the DSTV installer. If the customer can provide a phone, activation will be done straight away on site,  consequently activation can be done once the technician is back at the office.
  • Furthermore a DSTV installation Voucher cannot be used to setup Extra View
  • Companies and businesses are unfortunately not allowed to make use of a DSTV installation voucher.
  • For the DSTV installer to render the best possible service we therefore request the customers be present at the installation .
  • To ensure a great customer experience, our service area for DSTV installations consists of a 25 km radius from our shop. We can travel further but unfortunately the cost will be for the customers account. 
  • If the installation is of a more complex nature and cannot therefore be competed in half an hour, an additional labor charge will apply.
  • Also keep in mind that permission must be acquired, if you staying in a complex, flat or any rented property.
  • Finally in some situations a standard dish bracket is not suitable for the installation due to trees or other obstruction,  a specific bracket can be supplied at an extra cost.

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