80cm Dish Face


80cm Dish Face- only

LNB and wall bracket not included.


80cm Dish Face – Only

Reception of a KU band satellite signal requires a Satellite dish. Furthermore, a Satellite dish kit consists of a Dish Face, wall bracket and LNB. Installation requirements determine the choice of LNB. Suitable for DStv installation, OVHD and Starsat. Also ideal for use as a DStv dish. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with a DStv installer.

DStv Dish Installation

Firstly, DStv installation requires an 80cm dish or bigger. Therefore all our dishes have DStv approval. Best practice includes a DStv approved installation. Consequently, you will need the services of a DStv accredited installer. Optimal TV offers accredited installations. Contact us today for an appointment. Furthermore, have a look at the service offering of DSTV on their website.

DStv Installer

Optimal TV supplies DStv installations done by a DStv installer. DStv offers a program where DStv installations are therefore inspected and evaluated. The DStv installers are then approved by the result. Therefore all our services are DStv accredited. This 80cm Dish Face is approved as a DStv dish.


OVHD is broadcasted on the same satellite used for DStv. Consequently, the same dish can be used for am OVHD installation and a DSTV installation. Get your Decoders from the decoders category in our shop. OVHD is a free satellite TV service, have a look at their service offering on the OVHD website.


Starsat, formerly known as Top TV broadcasts from a different satellite. The installation also requires an 80cm Dish Face. Get a glimpse at the product offering Starsat offers on their website. Call us today to schedule your Starsat installation РContact US.



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