TV Distribution system

Optimal TV recently completed the installation of a new TV distribution system / TV reticulation system for Black Swan Guesthouse. Black Swan is now able to offer 10 TV channels to 39 points. Our technicians were able to complete this 39 point installation in 3 days. It took quite a bit of effort to achieve such a feat.

Black Swan Guest House

The guesthouse is located just 34 km from Rustenburg and 17 km from Sun City. They offer affordable and comfortable rooms for both business and holiday travelers. Black Swan Guest House is a place where you can enjoy good food and old fashioned hospitality without giving up your privacy. All the rooms have private entrances that open up directly onto the gardens.

Black Swan Guest House
Guest House TV System

They offer

  • Wi-Fi
  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Outdoor pool
  • Air-conditioned (some rooms)
  • Laundry service
  • and now 10 TV channels in each room Installed by Optimal TV

The staff is very friendly and really focuses on the customer. Kindly have a look at their website to see what they can offer you on your next trip

Guest House TV reticulation

Black Swan Guest House

We do cover TV reticulation or as it is also referred to as TV distribution systems on our web page Hotels / Guest Houses. On this page, we do cover the topic and description in detail.

In this post, I would like to explain what we did at Black Swan Guest House and how we helped them to achieve a certain goal.  For them saving monthly overheads became a priority. Subscription fees became a big unnecessary expense.

Saving costs

Hotel TV Distributions System
Hotel TV Distributions System

Keeping this in mind we, therefore, designed a TV reticulations system to do just that. Furthermore not compromising on picture quality and customer experience. Instead of having many satellite decoders and Dishes scattered across the property, we centralised the TV system to the central point.

At the central point where we combined OVHD and DStv decoders in one distributable source. From there we use a series of amps and splitters to cover the property. Each room is fitted with an outlet box where a TV is connected.

The biggest cost saver is the saving on monthly subscriptions and also not having to maintain a lot of satellite dishes and decoders.

Optimal TV

Black Swan Guest House

Our services aren’t limited to DStv installation and maintenance. We also offer services like TV distribution systems for guest houses and hotels. Furthermore, we offer DStv accreditation as well as OVHD approval.

In addition, our technicians are all Multichoice accredited and some of them achieved the highest qualification offered by DStv, Level 4.

If you own a guesthouse and want to learn more about the tips we have on installation for guesthouses read the post we wrote on it here.

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