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Five Cable Distribution System

What is a 5 cable distribution system? Consequently this 5 cable system is used, to distribute satellite signal to multiple points. Most commonly this system is used in Multi Unit Dwellings (MUD). Five cable distribution systems therefore uses, a 5 cable multiswitch reticulation system.

What is a multiswitch?

Multiswitch is used to connect decoders, to the 5 cable system. Therefore it enables the decoders to switch between available user bands. Decoders will only be able to switch between user bands, supported by the 5 cable system. 

5 Cable Multiswitch

First of all a five cable distribution system, makes use of 5 cables between multiswitches. Therefore this system is referred to as a 5 cable reticulation systems. In addition a 5 cable multiswitch enables decoders to switch between all four user bands. Furthermore this kind of multiswitch also allows for the reticulation of terrestrial antenna signal.

5 cable distribution, multiswitch

5 Cable Reticulation

What is five cable distribution? Since in most applications, many users requires a satellite signal from a single dish. Therefore to make this possible, a satellite distribution system is required. Rather than having many separate dishes installed. One dish is feeding to all the users. We therefore use Five cables in a, 5 cable distribution system. These Five cables is supply 5 different signals. 

a Amplifier, amplifies antenna signal, as well as the four user bands from a satellite dish. Five outputs supply signal from the amplifier. Furthermore these five cables, gets reticulated to a series of multiswithes. Consequently the 5 cable multiswitches is in turn, supplying outlets at each user with signal. Finally a outlet in turn separates the signal into, antenna and a single satellite signal.

Explora decoders and Xtra View installations use more than one tuner. Therefore more than one cable, from the 5 cable multiswitch is required. Mulichoice recommend 4 cables to a unit. Some existing systems do not allow for more than one cable to a unit. If this is the case have a look at our SCR solution.

5 cable distribution


Multichoice recommend a distribution system that allows all four user band. a Five cable system is high band complaint. Therefore 5 cable cable systems is ready for DStv’s service expansion.

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