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5 Cable SCR Distribution System

What is a 5 cable SCR distribution system? Consequently this SCR system is used, to distribute satellite signal to multiple points. Most commonly SCR system (unicable) is used by Multi Unit Dwellings (MUD). 5 Cable distribution systems therefore use, a 5 cable SCR multiswitch reticulation system.

SCR (Satellite Channel Router)

a 5 Cable SCR multiswitch acts as a remote tuner. Therefore each receiver is assigned a dedicated frequency. This frequency carries a transponder, supplied  by the  5 cable SCR multiswitch. This signal feed the decoders, in addition with a single unicable.

What is a SCR multiswitch?

a 5 Cable SCR Multiswitch is used to connect decoders, to the SCR system. Therefore enabling the decoders to switch between available user bands. Decoders will only be able to switch between user bands, supported by the system. 

5 Cable SCR Multiswitch (Unicable)

First of all a 5 cable SCR distribution system, makes use of 5 cables between multiswitches. Therefore this system is referred to as a 5 cable reticulation systems. In addition a 5 cable SCR multiswitch (also called a unicable multiswitch) enables decoders to switch between all four user bands. The SCR function allows for the decoder to access all 4 user bands through a single unicable. Furthermore this kind of multiswitch also allow for the reticulation of terrestrial antenna signal.

9 cable scr multiswitch, unicable multiwitch

5 Cable SCR Reticulation

What is 5 cable SCR distribution? Since in most applications, many users require a satellite signal from a single dish. Therefore to make this possible, a satellite distribution system is required. Rather than installing many separate dishes. One dish feeds to all the users. We therefore use Five cables in a, 5 cable SCR distribution system. These Five cables supplies 5 different signals. 

an Amplifier, amplifies antenna signal, as well as the four user bands from a satellite dish. Five outputs supply signal from the amplifier. Furthermore these five cables, gets reticulated to a series of 5 Cable SCR multiswitches. Consequently the 5 cable SCR multiswitch in turn, supply signal to outlets in each unit. Finally the outlet separates the signal into, antenna and a single satellite signal.

Explora decoders and Xtra View installations use more than one tuner. By using a  5 cable SCR system one unicable will support a Explora or Xtra View installation.

5 cable SCR, unicable


Multichoice recommend a distribution system that allows all four user band. 5 cable SCR distribution is high band complaint. Therefore a 5 cable SCR systems is ready for DStv’s service expansion.

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