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DStv High Band

What is DStv High Band Compliance?

Since DStv started broadcasting, they have used the low band. Due to their dedication to giving their subscribers, the best possible product offering using state of the art technologies, HD is the natural next step. Unfortunately the better quality comes at a cost, bandwidth. Therefore DStv is planning to start using the high band, to expand their channel offering.  This brings up the question, does your TV system have high band compliance?

To find about more about this go to dstv.com, have a look at their website.

DStv transmission Frequencies

The transmission frequency for DStv is, between 10.7 GHz and 12.75 GHz. This frequency range is called the KU band. KU band is a very expensive medium to use. How ever the advantage is, that the subscriber can use a small satellite dish to receive the signal. In addition the dish does not have to track the satellite, therefore a static dish is sufficient. 

Due to the high frequency range, the dish must have a clear view to the satellite. This makes a dish installation difficult when aesthetics are concerned.

High-Band compliance

Frequency Polarization

The KU band frequency has a limited amount of space to carry transmissions. By using polarization, the transmissions gets split up in, horizontal and vertical signals. This gives the signal a second dimension. The satellite decoder can then switch between horizontal and vertical, by changing the output voltage to the Satellite Dish.

DStv Polarization

22 KHz Tone Switching

22 KHz tone switching in tern, divides the horizontal and vertical signal in four user bands. This new division, divides the signal in high and low band signals. In conclusion the signal gets divided in vertical low, vertical high, horizontal low and horizontal high.

DStv previously only used the low frequency bands. Recently DStv started test transmissions on the high frequency bands.

Dstv 22khz swithing

High Band Compliance and Upgrades.

If your DStv system was not installed in the last 3 years, the chance is good that the installation is not high band compatible. Give us a call if you are not sure of your compliance. Optimal TV is Multichoice accredited and therefore, more than qualified to assist you with an upgrade.

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