DIY tips to fix a E48-32 Error on your DStv Decoder

DIY tips to fix a E48-32 Error on your DStv Decoder

This error is one of the most difficult DStv Errors to Fix. a Well experienced DStv technician  will be able to resolve the “E48-32 There is no signal” problem with your installation in no time, but sometimes you would like to have a crack at it yourself, without the assistance of a accredited DStv installer. 

If this sound like you, well, this article is just for you. I do understand that times are tough and every bit you can save helps a lot. So in this article I will discuss four ways you will be able to resolve a  “E48-32 There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation” error yourself.

DStv E48-32 There is no Signal

Notification E48-32 there is no signal

Your DStv decoder relies on the signal it receives from the Satellite dish to generate picture and sound. If this signal is of poor quality or is interrupted for any reason a  “E48-32 There is no signal” error notification will appear.

To resolve this error you will need to have a look at a couple of points on your DStv installation. We will be discussing some of these points in this article. 

The first step to resolve any DStv error Notification

DStv decoders or any decoder for that matter has its own memory and a processor. If there is some miscommunication this could cause a number of different and sometimes random errors.

I therefore suggest that we start with the most basic DIY step you should use with any DStv decoder. Remove the power cord for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. This will cause the decoder to reboot. By doing this you will restore the communication errors and empty the short term memory of the DStv decoder. This will solve the most common errors on your decoder. It is the most effective first DIY step if your decoder freezes and becomes unresponsive. 

If this first step does not solve your problem we can move on to Step two

Step 2 – The DStv LNB

The receiver located on the front of the dish is called a LNB. This is a very crucial part of the DStv installation and should be in good condition and working order. 

You can start by examining the LNB cover that faces to the dish. If your DStv dish isn’t easily accessible. I do suggest you make use of the a DStv installer instead. But if you are able to access the dish safely. Inspect the cover for any cracks or service damage.

Damaged LNB E48-32 there is no signal

The LNB cover should be smooth, If it is brittle or coarse it is an indication that it should be replaced. The sun damages the cover over time and cracks start to form.

Thru these cracks water enters into the LNB and damages the antennae and electronics inside. This will cause loss in signal level and quality and eventually it will fail completely, therefore resulting in a E48-32 There is no signal” error on your DStv Decoder. 

a LNB cannot be repaired and must be replaced. The life expectancy of LNB is round 3 years in fair weather conditions. 

Damaged LNB Cable

Step 3 – Damaged LNB Cable resulting in a ‘E48-32 There is no signal’ Notification

I would like to point out that you should not try to access the dish if you cannot do so safely. 
If you are not able to do so you should rather be safe and have a professional installer take a look at the dish.
In this step you will need to access the entire cable route from the Satellite Dish to the DStv decoder.

a Coaxial cable connects the LNB to your DStv decoder. If you are experiencing signal interruption or a “E48-32 There is no Signal” error, This cable might be damaged or disconnected. By following the cable from the decoder to the dish you should be able to identify if there is a loose connection or any damage to the the cable.

If you do find that there is cracks or exposed bits in the cable you should replace that part of the cable or the entire cable if possible. I strongly suggest that you have a DStv accredited installer do this for you. a Good quality cable is crucial to a stable DStv installation. a Reputable installer will supply and install a DStv approved LNB cable.

Step 4 – Obstruction that will cause an “E48-32 There is no signal” Notification

If you are like me, you love a lush green garden and a wonderful big tree. Where you can hide under the shade on a hot summers day. But sometimes this pleasure could be the cause of your DStv reception disruption.
I do suggest that you take all the necessary precautions to inspect the DStv dish as safely as possible.
You should be able to do a basic assessment from the ground but if you are required to clime the roof or ladder make sure you do so safely.
Obstruction E48-32 There is no signal

We discussed this topic before in our article “DStv Searching for Signal? Obstruction“. If you do have plants or trees near your DStv dish I do suggest that you check the growth frequently. It is very important for the Satellite Dish to have a clear view of the satellite.  This will also help with rain fade. For more info on the topic have a look at our article “DStv Searching for Signal problem? Need help?” 

DStv installers Pretoria

When should I consider calling the professionals?

Firstly you should not attempt anything if you are not comfortable with the risk you will need to take. I therefore suggest that you assess the risk before attempting an inspection or repair. 

Also keep in mind that a reputable installer will have all the needed tools and equipment to assess and repair your DStv setup in no time. Our DStv accredited installers use a field strength meter to measure signal loss thru cable and connections. This is very handy when you trying to determine what causes a “E48-32 There is no signal” notification on your decoder.

They will also be able to align the Satellite dish optimally for the best reception.

How to chose a reputable DStv Installer.

My article “How Not to Choose a DStv Installer” will give you more insight on the do’s and don’ts of choosing a installer.
I will always recommend using one of our DStv technicians. They are well experienced and accredited. But unfortunately we  are not able to render a service nation wide. Our service area is limited to the Pretoria Centurion area.
If you are located in our service area you can contact us now for a booking.
For assistance with finding an installer outside our service area you can follow this link to DStv’s find an installer page.

I wish you good luck and happy DIY.

4 thoughts on “DIY tips to fix a E48-32 Error on your DStv Decoder”

  1. Hi ,I have been calling for assistance but the feedback not helpful and trying to use *120*68584# still saying wait for 15 minutes since from morning even now .mine is showing E30-0

    1. Hi Charles

      If you tried all the self help channels DStv offers and you did call them on 011289222 for assistance.
      I suggest you visit them at your nearest DStv agency.

  2. Hello DSTV, E30-4 long time out of service. Paid up a few days ago (Tuesdsy) already. Please confirm and connect ASAP, please. Only channel 100 right now.

    Smartcard: 1062130961

    Thanks in advance

    1. Good day Ledejobi

      For account issues you should contact DStv direct on 0112892222.
      We as DStv accredited installers will not be able to assist.

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