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DStv multi-point installation

Multi Unit Dwellings or MUD‘s for short, usually consist of more than one dwelling grouped together. Jacaranda Studios boast with premium affordable town houses. The ideal lock up and go for people that needs their freedom. To avoid the need for each unit to supply their own dish the body corporate provided a communal DStv dish and cabling.

Communal DStv Dish

DStv Communal Dish

It is so unsightly and unnecessary for a new development to be littered with Satellite Dishes. Optimal TV provided Jacaranda Studios with a communal dish for 24 units.

All the units receives DStv signal from one dish, therefore eliminating the need for multiple dishes. Jacaranda Studios body corporate will in future only have to maintain one Satellite dish instead of 24. Each unit is provided with a wall socket. The only thing the user needs to do is connect their DStv or OVHD decoder to the wall socket.

Ease of access

Optimal TV’s technicians can access the entire distribution system from a centralized location. This kind of distribution system allows maintenance without access to multiple units. Most of the repairs and service is done outside the units from this point.

System description

Outlet box

The TV system consist of a Satellite dish that provide KU band signals from a satellite called IS20. This satellite provides signals for DStv and OpenView HD of OVHD for short.

These signals are then in turn relayed by cables to a central point. At this point the signals are divided to the 24 units.

Each unit are therefore provided with the capability to access DStv or OVHD from the outlet provided.


a Communal dish and distribution system is the best way to protect your property investment. Not having multiple dishes hanging from the exterior of the building gives the building a neat and clean look and feel. Furthermore each of the occupants enjoys the convenience of a plug and play TV experience.

Optimal TV

As Multichoice accredited installers we boast with highly experienced and qualified DStv technicians.

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