3 Common DStv Satellite Dish Problems

DStv Satellite Dish Problems | Optimal TV

If you’ve been battling to get reception, it may be time to get your DStv satellite checked. There are a few things that can go wrong with your dish. If you live in an area that often has wind, rain, and other bad weather, you may find that your dish needs repairs more frequently than it would in an area with no major weather changes.

You may find that your dish is not faulty but simply being obstructed. To help you determine whether repairs are needed, we’ve put together a list of the most common DStv satellite dish problems.

Look Out for These DStv Satellite Dish Problems

Some of the most common problems you may face with your DStv satellite dish include the following:

1/ The dish is no longer aligned.

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause dishes to go out of alignment over a period of time. The dish is comprised of a number of parts. As they get older, these parts may loosen. When the weather is bad, small shifts can put the dish out of alignment. This results in reception errors.

You may notice a less-than-clear image on your television or you may battle to get any picture at all. If you notice any changes in your picture, speak to your installer.

2/ The cables are worn or faulty.

Another common issue is worn-out cables. If your dish is an older model, it may start to wear over time. Newer cables have heavy installation, but even these will need to be replaced eventually. When cables start to wear, connections may not be as reliable.

You may lose signal and notice interruptions that come and go. If your connection starts to be erratic, have your installer or repair specialist check the cables to see if it’s time to replace them.

3/ Something is in the way.

Finally, obstructions can also cause problems with reception. If there is something in the way of your dish, it will affect your reception and signal.

A new building could block the path to your aerial or a bird may be perching on top of the dish. A tree may have grown over the years and gotten in the way of the dish or aerial.

Check frequently to make sure that nothing is getting in the way.

If you are having any problems with your DStv satellite dish, call Optimal TV for expert help.

46 thoughts on “3 Common DStv Satellite Dish Problems”

    1. Good day Able

      This could be due to weak signal from the dish.

      I would recommend you have a professional DStv technician have a look at your setup.
      It is very important to chose the right DStv accredited installer for the job.

      Follow this link to our article to assist you when making your choice

      Our DStv accredited installers are ready to assist call us today 0123337772

      Kind regards

      1. Someone kicked a ball on my satellite dish and the signal went off and my tv is going black after few seconds …..my tv was working perfectly prior to that incident….did the kick effect my tv ad well

        1. Good day Vanessa

          It is highly unlikely that the accident could have affected the TV.

          I suggest you get a DStv accredited installer have a look at your setup.

          We service the greater Pretoria and Centurion area.
          Call us today for assistance 0123337772

        2. Why is my dstv always rebooting?
          Someone said I should change the adaptor, I did but to no avail. But I noticed the cable from the LNB is hot.
          Pls kindly assist

          1. Good day John

            You are most probably revering to your decoder rebooting.
            I would also have tried the power supply.

            If it is still rebooting you should have a DStv service center check it out for you.

            Kind regards

      1. Good day Dephney

        a DStv error E30-4 is usually an account issue.
        I suggest you give them a call if it persist.


    2. Hello my dish skottel fell off the tv were playing fine last night i tried switching on my tv and ovhd its said no channel i reboot it activate the stb number nothing happened i went out side and saw my dish skottel fell of the screws came loose i will need someone to come fix it

      1. Good day Desiree

        Wow that’s not good. We can assist you to repair the installation.
        Our service area include Pretoria and Centurion.

        Contact us now for assistance

  1. Good day
    Ever since it almost fell and pulled out of screws because of the windy weather,we put it back but it says there’s no signal, and this may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection installation. What must we do, please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Good day

      You should contact the original installer.
      It sound like the installation was not done to standard in the first place.

      It is very important to use a reputable installer.
      here is a link that will assist you with your decision

      The dish will most probably need to be aligned.

      You can also call us to assist we are located in Pretoria 0123337772

      Kind regards

      1. My dish, is accurately align and once had signal were it was mounted but now am having no signal and i have current in it which have showed on the satfinder, have even drop the dish on ground and turn it all round 360degree but yet no signal, not even a flash signal strength or quality. Am yet to knw what is wrong. Please any update on this?

        1. Good day Donald

          A satfinder only measures a noise level it is not suitable to adjust the signal quality.
          If you do not receive any feedback the LNB is most probably faulty.
          You should have it checked.

          An Accredited installer should have a proper field strength meter to align a dish.
          This kind of meter enables you to fine tune the dish.

          Kind regards

  2. Pls can anyone help i am staying on a farm i do have full package but can only see a few channels is there any one can come and look at it . I do stay on the Delmas rd

    1. Good day Leandra

      We do have technicians to assist you.
      Kindly call us on 0123337772

      Our use the Contact us page to send us your contact details

      Kind regards

  3. Hi i just got my dstv installed and now my tv is showing white lines and it sometimes loses picture until i switch off the decoder and the picture comes back……could this be caused by faulty installation or could the problem br the tv?

    1. Good day Thelela

      It sounds like an installation fault.
      I suggest you consult your DStv installer.

      If you did use an accredited installer you must have receive an 3 month warranty on their workmanship.

      Kind regards

    2. Good day
      I have a Dstv Explora Model 2A. Recently the picture has been freezing, losing signal and decoder constantly rebooting. Could this be related to the decoder or LNB ?

      1. Good day Ruben

        Freezing picture is usually a result of signal loss.
        You can follow our DIY guides for assistance.

        If the channel breakup persist you should have a qualified DStv accredited installer check your setup.

        Our service area includes the greater Pretoria and Centurion area.

        Call us today for a site visit 0123337772

    1. Good day James

      The only thing I can think of is getting the decoder connected to a signal analyzer to see what is going on.
      a Well equipped technician should have one.

      We will be able to assist you if you are located within our service area.
      Contact us for an appointment.


  4. Hi. We only get Sabc channels on our dstv and I was told by the call centre that it could be an alignment issue. I called an accredited technician to come and have a look and before even entering my house he said that he could immediately see my problem. He said that I need a new dish. Looking at the dish myself i can see no reason for this. Can a technician really just look at your dish from 10 meters away and make that call, or are they trying to make money out of me? Thank you

    1. Good day Leigh-Ann

      It is very important that you make use of a reputable DStv installer.

      If there is visible damage to the dish it is possible for a technician to see if replacement is necessary.
      I would have preferred that the technician do a test on a signal analyzer to make sure.

      Optimal TV is a reputable DStv accredited installation company.
      You are welcome to give us a call if you are in the greater Pretoria Centurion area.

    1. Good day Olaniyi

      I am not sure if the decoder had signal before it rebooted and if you mean that after installing the decoder it shows nothing.

      If you do not receive any error massage ensure that your TV is selected to the correct source.
      An E16 error will indicate an account issue and E48-32 is a signal problem.

      If you are sure that your DStv decoder is showing on the screen with no error massage only a black screen it might be the decoder.
      Try rebooting the decoder and if that does not work try resetting the decoder to factory default.


  5. Hi
    My TV has just gone black, and what I noticed is that the cable that comes from the DSTV dish has disconnected from the decoder, could this be the cause of a black screen?


    1. Good day Vuyokazi

      Yes it could be, The TV should give you a “no signal” massage if the feed cable is disconnected.

      I suggest you reconnect the cable from the DStv decoder to the TV and select the appropriate source on the TV.
      This should solve the problem.

      Kind regards

  6. Some channels are showing no signal but the signal is okay here are the channels which skip (112 Studio universal, 114 KIX, 117 Universal TV, 125 FOX, 308 nick toons, 312 nickelodeon and 325 trace urban)

    1. Good day Mphaso

      If you have channels that are not working chances is good that your DStv dish needs realignment.

      Call us today 0123337772 to schedule an appointment with one of our DStv accredited installers for assistance.

  7. Hi There .my name is Tears and I have been struggling with my DStv decoder for the past few days..the problem started with a remote controller that if you want to change to the next channel it will take long to respond to that… and after that it was like when we try to switch the TV on in the morning it doesn’t show the pictures but after few minutes it will show…so now it stopped we don’t even switch the TV on anymore C’s we can only hear the voices but the screen is not showing at all…so what could be the problem… please I need to know

    1. Good day

      I suggest you take your DStv decoder to a DStv branch or agency to have it checked.
      It could also be a problem with the installation.


    1. Good day

      If your DStv decoder is displaying and E48-32 message it indicates that it does not receive any signal.
      There is quite a lot of different things that could cause your Decoder tp lose signal.

      We have a couple of articles that can help you find and solve some of these faults.
      Follow this link to a DIY guide

      If your problem persist and you are not able to clear the e48-32 error, I suggest you get the help of the professionals.
      a DStv accredited installer should be able to solve your problem in no time.

      You can follow this link on why you should use an accredited installer.

      You are welcome to call us to setup an appointment with one of our well trained and experienced Technicians.

  8. Hi
    I have issues with my Dstv the signal is not stable.. It’s flaunting.. What might be issue. Please advice
    Thank you

    1. Good day Zama

      I don not really understand your description “it’s Flaunting..”

      If you did follow the steps on our our do it yourself article on repairing a searching for signal error on your DStv system with no joy. I suggest you get the professionals in to have a look.

      Our DStv accredited installers are ready to assist.
      Contact Us today for assistance.

  9. My satilite dish is no longer responding could be the reason of the consistent rain weather? Because I took my decoder to my noughbour it can find signal but on my satellite dish nothing please help…

    1. Good day Hester

      Rain fade could be caused by a few different things.
      I suggest you have the professionals take a look at your setup.

      Call us today to setup a site visit

  10. I can only see showers or the pictures freeze. Firstly I thought it’s the satellite cable. I ought the cable but still it’s doing the same thing. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. Good day Kim

      It seems like you are experiencing signal loss.
      This could be caused by many different factors.

      If your DStv decoder received low or bad quality signal from the satellite dish.
      It will cause signal breakup.

      I suggest you get a DStv accredited technician to inspect your setup.

      We will also be able to assist if you are located in the greater Pretoria Centurion Area.

      Contact Us

    1. Good day Busi

      If the cap on your LNB is broken you will experience Signal loss.
      This will result in a DStv E48-32 No signal Error.

      You will need to have the LNB replaced.
      It is important that you make sure that the LNB is replaced by a DStv approved LNB.
      DStv does have a approval program that assures quality products for their valued subscribers.

      By using an accredited Installation company it will also give you an opportunity to have your DStv Dish realigned.

      I recommend that you do make use of a reputable DStv accredited installer.
      Your chosen installer should have a proper field strength meter that will enable him to check and service your entire DStv installation, in addition to the proper alignment of your Satellite Dish.

      Our DStv accredited installers will be able to assist you if you are located in the greater Pretoria Centurion Area.
      Contact us now for an appointment.

    1. Hi Cynthia

      It sounds like you have a problem with you DStv dish.
      You should have a accredited DStv installer have a look at your setup.

      We will be able to assist if you are located in our service area.
      We service the wider Pretoria area.
      Contact us

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