Choosing the Right Multichoice Installer

Choosing the Right Multichoice Installer | Optimal TV

Finding the right Multichoice installer does not mean using the first one you find online. Many potential subscribers use pricing as the most important factor. In reality, this is one of a few things to consider when looking for an installer. 


The trouble with choosing on price alone is that it becomes far easier to end up with a poor quality installation that leaves you with endless problems. Going with the cheapest Multichoice installer almost always ends up costing you far more than you realise. That does not mean you should ignore price altogether. It simply means looking at other factors in addition to costs.


What should you be looking for when selecting an installer, then? Keep reading to find out.

How to Choose the Best Multichoice Installer

The most important things to keep in mind when choosing a Multichoice installer include the following:




By far, the most essential factor of all is accreditation. Unless the installer is fully accredited to install Multichoice products, you will have no peace of mind and no guarantee of quality. You may end up with someone who gives you fake decoders or a contractor who has no authorisation to install DStv and related products. This risk is never worthwhile – no matter how cheap the DStv installation may seem.




Experience is another thing to look for when making your selection. Although every installer has to build experience, the problem with brand-new installers is that they can overlook small details during the installation that an experienced installer would be able to notice. An experienced installer will also be able to get you set up quickly and smoothly, allowing you to enjoy your subscription in no time at all.




Along with accreditation and experience, services should also be considered. Which services are offered along with DStv installation? Are repairs offered as well? Is installation offered for multi-unit dwellings? An installer that is able to offer related services will give you the best value for money over someone who is limited only to installation. 


If you are looking for an accredited, experienced Multichoice installer in Centurion and surrounds, get in touch with us today.

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