Everything You Need to Know About DStv Repairs

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Realising that you need DStv repairs can be hugely annoying – especially when you are sitting down to watch something and you suddenly experience problems. The good news is that repairs do not have to cost the earth or cause you too much stress.

To help you get your favourite channels back up and running, we’ve put together a simple guide to DStv repairs.


A Simple Guide to DStv Repairs


The first thing to note is that it is always safest to get help from an accredited Multichoice repair and installation expert rather than taking the risk of trying to do the repairs yourself. Unless you have experience in fixing dishes or decoders, you can end up causing more damage that will cost a great deal more than the cost of a qualified repair company. 


There are many different problems that are caused by any number of things. Trying to fix things without understanding the root cause will often end up causing you more stress. 


With that said, what are the most common issues that require repair and what are the signs that things are going wrong? Let’s take a look.


Dish repairs.


DStv dish problems are caused by several things. In South Africa, weather can often wreak havoc with dishes. Strong wind and rain can cause dishes to lose signal. Even a slight change in alignment can result in poor reception.

Over time, older dishes can also begin to take a bit of strain. Rather than replacing the dish entirely, it is worth getting help from an expert to see if the dish can be adjusted or repaired. This will cost far less than replacing the dish. 


Decoder repairs. 


Decoder repairs include physical issues with decoders as well as programming issues. If you are experiencing problems and you have checked that the dish is fine, it is likely the decoder that requires repair.

Electrical short-circuit caused by power cuts (common in South Africa – particularly during loadshedding) may require a new decoder. Other smaller issues can be fixed without the need to replace your decoder. Ultimately, it will depend on what the problem is and how easily it can be resolved. Once again, this is why it is a good idea to get expert advice rather than self-diagnosing the problem. 


Whatever type of repair you may need, Optimal TV is here to help. We offer high-quality DStv repairs that ensure you can get back to enjoying your favourite shows as quickly as possible.

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    1. Good day Lenie

      We can do basic repairs at our Electronic repair Shops
      If it is not repairable we will be able to supply you with a report for the insurance.

      There is also a possibility that you could have some damage to the installation, especially when a power surge is suspected.
      Our DStv installers will be able to assist onsite.

      Contact us if you need any assistance.

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