DStv Streaming or Netflix?

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As the popularity of Netflix continues to grow, the upcoming launch of DStv streaming is set to offer South Africans an affordable way to access their favourite shows online. DStv Now currently offers streamed content provided that viewers have a DStv account that is linked to a decoder. DStv is set to launch a standalone streaming service by March 2020 that will not require a decoder.

How exactly will DStv streaming compete with Netflix and other international services? Let’s take a look.

How DStv Streaming Could Compete With Netflix

One of the biggest attracting viewers to streaming channels is accessibility and convenience. As long as viewers have an internet connection and a computer, tablet, phone or device that is able to stream content, a full range of series and shows can be accessed.

Although DStv has the benefit of a comprehensive sports selection for South Africans, it has, until now, required a decoder in order to access content. The upcoming launch of DStv Now is expected to pave the way for South Africans to enjoy the best of both worlds – instant access to a huge range of shows along with the same programming delivered by Multichoice.

Some of the biggest ways that DStv streaming could compete with Netflix and other platforms include the following:


Another factor for those moving from decoders and traditional TV channels to online services is the price. DStv Now is expected to cost within the same price range as Netflix and Showmax, offering a cost-effective option for viewers. As operational costs will be reduced, and decoders will be subsidised, the online-only service will be affordable to many South Africans.


From a content point of view, viewers will have access to the same variety of shows currently available across the DStv network. That means a variety of movies, TV shows, and other content. Sports channels and content is expected to be offered as an add-on for viewers.

We are looking forward to seeing what the DStv streaming service will offer and hope that it gives South Africans even more viewing variety.

Here’s why it’s beneficial to invest in a DStv decoder.

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