Why Invest in a DStv Decoder?

Why Invest in a DStv Decoder | Optimal TV Centurion

Wondering whether to invest in a DStv decoder? As the rise of streaming services grows, many viewers are starting to wonder which is the best choice to enjoy a range of movies, series, and sports on their screens. 


Both Netflix and DStv have their own benefits, but the latter has a number of advantages over live streaming that make it a worthwhile choice for viewers in South Africa. Keep reading to find out more about investing in a DStv decoder. 


Top Reasons to Invest in a DStv Decoder


In this short guide, we take a look at the primary advantages of a DStv decoder compared to streaming services such as Netflix. 


Requires no internet. 


Unlike live streaming sites, which require a reliable connection (and a decent speed), DStv requires no internet. Although some DStv products are available online, classic decoders simply require a television and a TV license. This makes DStv an excellent choice for those without internet connections as well as those with capped bandwidth. 


Range of local shows.


The majority of live streaming services are global, which means that local shows are limited. For South African viewers, DStv remains the top choice for live programming. That means being able to watch rugby, cricket, soccer, and other games as they happen, rather than watching repeats. Thanks to its huge range of sporting channels and shows and its local shows, SA viewers can enjoy everything from soapies to sports.


Getting your decoder and installation set up is easier than you think. Once you find a trusted, accredited installer such as Optimal TV, you will soon be able to sit back and enjoy movies, series, and plenty of other entertainment at home, all at the touch of your remote.

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