E16 DStv error – How to fix it yourself.

dstv error fix yourself

How to fix your DStv with an E16 error.

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to relax and finding that there is no DStv. Many reasons could cause your DStv to give an error ranging from account issues to equipment failure. For more information on different DStv error codes have a look at our post section on our website.

You can also get more info on packages and DStv pricing or the DStv website. In addition, our Expert DStv installers regularly discuss topics to assist subscribers with DIY tips on how to fix and maintain their DStv installation themselves. In this article, I would like to give you some hints on how to fix an E16 Error.

What could cause a DStv E16 error?

The good news about this kind of error is that it usually indicates a DStv account error. Therefore in most cases, you will not need the assistance of a DStv installer to clear such an error. Even though we at Optimal TV, do assist our customers with advice in this regard. There is not much we can do.

The error does need to be cleared by DStv themselves. We can assist you with advice on DStv pricing and the choice of a DStv package but unfortunately, we do not deal with account-related problems.

How to clear an error on the DStv self-service portal.

DStv installers, E16 error, DStv Pricing

The steps are quite easy. You can use your cellphone to clear the error

  1. Dail *120*68584#
  2. Select option 2 – Manage your viewing.
  3. Select option 1 – Fix an Error

You can also Search “E16 error” on the DStv website. The website covers a lot of different DIY topics that could be useful when your DStv installation is acting up. You would also be able to follow the conversations on the forum and participate if you have questions of your own.

DStv Pricing and DStv Package

The Dstv package selection does determine the DStv pricing of your subscription. DStv access channels do differ between different packages. DStv easy view is the most affordable channel selection, followed by  DSTV compact and DStv compact plus. The top of the service offering is the DStv premium package that offers the best of all that DStv offers.

To view all the different product offerings, have a look at the DStv website.

Optimal TV

Optimal TV can assist you with the installation and repair of any kind of home entertainment system. Be it at a wall-mounted TV setup or home theatre system, our well trained and experienced technicians will be able to render quality services. Therefore we are not only the best choice for the installation or repair of your Paid TV service but also OVHD and many more.

Are you managing a complex or Multi-unit dwelling(MUD)? we are a Level 4 DStv approved installation company. Therefore we are able to assist our customers with TV distribution for multiple units from one dish. There are different technologies available to achieve this including Fiber which in turn enables connectivity to be provided on the same infrastructure.

Optimal TV offers a complete service solution from installation to maintenance.

If you need assistance with the choice of DStv package or DStv pricing, Call us today! 



32 thoughts on “E16 DStv error – How to fix it yourself.”

  1. how can i be in arrears when my payment is due on 1 jan 2021?error 16 -4.you are losing customers by being pathetically stupid.fix this or lose me as a customer

    1. Good day Johan

      Optimal TV is an installer company accredited with DStv.
      We are based in Queenwood Pretoria.

      We unfortunately do not collect subscriptions.

      If you are looking at alternatives to DStv you are welcome to contact us.


      1. Good day John

        I do not know this code.
        Is this from your DStv decoder?

        Maybe you should take it to an agency to have it checked out.


    1. Good day Lerato

      If you are not able to clear the E16 error yourself with the tips we gave you in our article “E16 DStv error – How to fix it yourself
      I suggest you give DStv a call on 0112892222.

      The easiest way to avoid E16 errors is to pay your subscription in time.
      To make it easier for you DStv has a debit order system that collects the payment automatically each month.
      This will also help you to avoid paying the reconnection fee each time your subscription gets suspended.


  2. Sithembele Mpofu

    I recently changed my explora and now when I play extra view I does not play. I need to switch one off, it gives error message E48-32 no signal.

    1. Good day Sithembele

      There is a Extra view setup problem.
      The two XtraView decoders is both set to decoder one.

      You need to change one to decoder 2 in the setup menu.
      If you do need assistance with that call us

      Out well trained DStv Accredited installers are ready to assist onsite.


    1. Good day Jonso

      If you tried all the self helps options we provided in our article with no joy.
      Even if calling DStv did not help you.

      You should consider visiting a DStv branch or agency in your area.

      We are willing to assist onsite if you would like the personal touch of a DStv accredited installer.

      contact us to setup an appointment

  3. My account is on a stop order,which automatically comes off,yet still get an error16 code,a mission to get reinstated,so a stop order doesn’t help even though it has been taken off

    1. Good day Martin

      Optimal TV is unfortunately not involved with the collection of any DStv subscriptions,
      We can therefore not assist you or clarify why this E16 error code pops up.

      I did have some customers with a similar issue that was caused by them frequently switching off the power to the decoder when not in use.
      You can also call DStv 0112892222 for them to check your account status.

  4. Good evening
    I have 2 dicodars linked under my name i normal do one payment. But the problem is that the one at home is working and my one is showing the error E16-0 for 5days now

    1. Good day Bethabile

      Best practice will be to pay on time to avoid your DStv service to be disconnected.
      But if something unforeseen happen you should contact DStv direct on 011 289 2222 or dstv.com.

      Us as installers will not be able to assist with account issues.


        1. Good day Bethabile

          Best practice will be to pay on time to avoid your DStv service to be disconnected.
          But if something unforeseen happen you should contact the DStv call center on 011 289 2222 or dstv.com.

          Us as DStv installers will not be able to assist with account issues.


      1. I paid for a new decoder linked to my other account e16 still persist and dstv ppl seem not able to clear it. Technician/installer tested using his explora decoder and all connection and signal is perfect all channels playing.

        Could it be that the decoder the is faulty?

        1. Good day Frank

          The DStv decoder error E16 is account related.
          You should ask your DStv accredited installer to escalate the issue to the reginal DStv field services technician.

          If you did not make use of a accredited installer I suggest taking the decoder to a DStv branch or agency to assist.
          They will be able to swop the decoder if faulty.

  5. In a decoder of 3 RF put 1 stand for lmb 2 RF in 3 RF out, which one do I used to get communication from my primary decoder, is urgent please

    1. Good day Felix

      I unfortunately do not understand your description, but you are able to change the communication port in the Decoder settings.
      It is RF out as default on a DStv decoder.

      Kind regards

  6. Adjeiwaa Ataa Bernardine

    My Dstv expires on 4 November. I renew it on 3 November and I have all my available channels till 12 November, automatically getting error 16 while my due date is not close. Please any help. Thank you

  7. Good day i pay my account saterday but my decoder has an error E16
    20230211006282 payed R145 for the package reference 62157528
    Thank you

    1. Hi Wendy

      I suggest you contact DStv direct 0112892222.
      Optimal TV is DStv accredited installers we do not have access to the accounting system of Multichoice.

    1. Good day Liberty

      If your DStv installation is fine and your decoder gives you a E30-4 error it is account related.

      You can follow our tips on clearing a error yourself by selecting this LINK to our article.

      If this doesn’t help I suggest you call the DStv call center 0112892222 for assistance.

    1. Good day Charleen

      The service has most probably suspended.

      You should contact DStv for account related queries.
      We as DStv installers will not be able to assist.

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